Welcome to the Mint Travel blog! I’m Alex Donahue, the owner and founder of Mint Travel. I plan to share my thoughts on travel destinations, trends and technology here every Friday as well as an inspiring hotels, restaurants or activities that I come across during the week. I love traveling and love planning trips almost as much as. I can spend hours reading travel magazines and websites, completely lost in the pictures. I am constantly discovering new destinations that I can’t wait to travel to. I think it drives my husband a little crazy!

My next travel stop is Paris in October with two quick trips to Martha’s Vineyard and Charlotte, NC in September. I can’t wait to share photos from all three trips and some of the wonderful restaurants and activities that I discover.

If you’re interested in planning your next trip with a passionate and thoughtful travel consultant then you are in the right place! Every Mint Travel vacation begins with a curated selection of hotels, restaurants and adventures. As a bespoke travel consultant, every aspect of your trip is customized to your interests and travel goals. Please feel free to reach out to me via the contact page. I am happy to answer questions about travel, my services and your next vacation. If you’re ready to begin planning, we can set up an initial consultation in person or over the phone. I can’t wait to hear from you!