My Favorite Honeymoon Destinations by Month: January – June

To follow up last week’s blog post on choosing the right destination for your honeymoon, I have some recommendations by month. Many of these destinations I’ve been to, but a few are still on my bucket list. Check back next week for July through December.

JANUARY: Thailand (and most of Southeast Asia)


This is a great time to visit Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand’s gorgeous islands. It’s cool, dry and you’ll get maximum sunshine which means maximum relaxation.

FEBRUARY: New Zealand


This is summer in Southern Hemisphere which means you can escape the snow and the cold. New Zealand in February means longer days and lots of sunshine which is the perfect backdrop for all that amazing scenery.

MARCH: South Africa (specifically Cape Town)


If you’re looking to escape the cold, head as far south as possible for some endless summer in Cape Town, South Africa. You’ll find perfect white sand beaches and plenty of sunshine during South Africa’s driest summer month.



April in Cuba has been described as glorious; need I say more? It’s warm and sunny which is the best way to escape the rain up north.

MAY: Italy


Beat the summer crowds and head to Italy before the high summer season. You’ll still get warm, sunny days but without the stifling crowds and heat. Bonus: rural Italy is particularly verdant in the Spring which will make for some amazing photos!

JUNE: French Polynesia


I may be a little biased because I chose Taha’a and Bora Bora in June for my own honeymoon, but I was right! June in Bora Bora is less humid and less rainy than some of the later summer months which makes the year-round mid-80’s temperature just that much more perfect.

Check back next week for July through December.