My Paris Trip: Restaurants

This past weekend was my 30th birthday! Instead of gifts, I decided to go to Paris for the very first time. Read below for some of the amazing restaurants we visited on our trip. Stay tuned for more information on my trip next week!


1)     Clover Grill

This amazing grill is the work of Jean-Francoise Piège. It’s located on an adorable tiny side street in the Les Halles neighborhood. If you love steak, then you’ll love Clover Grill. You get to pick your cut of meat and your sauce. The restaurant has a great casual chic vibe and the staff were extremely friendly.


2)     Chez La Vieille

American ex-pat Daniel Rose recently revived this old bistro. It’s located on the same tiny side street as Clover Grill which adds to the bistro atmosphere. The menu is limited but everything we had blew us away, especially the “famous broth of La Vieille” which is not something I could normally order. However, if you are headed to this restaurant don’t miss it! The downstairs is a quaint bar and the upstairs is decorated with dark luscious colors.

3)     Bistroy Les Papilles

This teeny bistro also serves as wine store. There is a fixed menu, so it’s not for those with serious dietary restrictions or allergies. However, if you’re an open-minded eater, don’t miss this quintessentially French experience. You can walk around the restaurant and pick your wine or ask for a recommendation from the slightly gruff host. Make sure you make a reservation as they were turning away anyone without one. Don’t miss the Parisian dive bar, Le Crocodile which is right around the corner.


4)     Restaurant Le Jules Verne

Alain Ducasse’s Eiffel Tower restaurant is a definite splurge! However, skipping the security line and having a leisurely three-hour lunch in the Eiffel Tower is a once in a lifetime experience. The restaurant is a little stuffy, but the staff are attentive and patient. The food was delicious and you end up with almost as much dessert as food which works for me! If you’re looking for a splurge-worthy meal, this can’t be beat!