NOT Your Mom's Travel Agent

If you had asked me a year ago what a travel agent does or why to use one, I would have responded that I have absolutely no idea. I love planning trips, and it had never occurred to me to seek help planning one. Even when I realized I had a passion for planning travel that extended beyond planning my own personal trips, I was confused about the advantages of becoming a travel agent. It has been a very steep learning curve the past couple of months, so I want to share all the remarkable benefits that I can provide as a travel designer and consultant.

I hate the term travel agent and prefer travel designer or travel consultant. I think there are a lot of negative connotations associated with the term travel agent. I always pictured an older woman handing out brochures and pushing cruises. No brochures here! As a travel designer, I can save you time, provide clarity and expertise, add value to your trip and provide a concierge level of support. Travel agents have evolved and now provide more value than ever before!

1)    I will save you time!

With the birth of Trip Advisor and Kayak, it seemed like the need for a travel agent was gone, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve read that it takes about 80 hours of planning/research for the average person to plan a vacation. That is a lot to time! I can save you all that planning and research time. Planning a unique and inspiring vacation requires organization, patience and a lot research which I love to do and have a lot of resources to make sure I’m planning the perfect trip for my clients. I can give you 80 hours of your life back plus the vacation of a lifetime!

2)    I will add value to your trip!

Travel is a serious investment. Like investing your money in the stock market or buying a house, you want to get the most value out of your investment. By working with me, I will make sure your travel dollars are spent in the best possible way. As a travel designer, I have access to VIP benefits and exclusive perks. I also sometimes have “magic powers” that make travel a little cheaper! I have a lot of practice managing travel budgets to make sure your trip stays within your allotted budget and you don’t end up with surprise costs along the way.

King Penguins in Tierra Del Fuego, Chile

King Penguins in Tierra Del Fuego, Chile

3)    You are working with an expert!

I am a professional travel designer which means I have had extensive training and tremendous resources that help me plan your trip. I can offer you unique travel ideas, but can also recommend cost and time saving options. I offer full-service travel planning which means I will also provide you with packing lists, timelines for planning your travel and preparing for your trip as well as tips and advice for making the most of your trip. I am constantly traveling myself, reading about travel and planning travel experiences. All this knowledge is yours when you plan a trip with me!

4)    I provide unlimited concierge services and support!

Unlike traditional travel agents, my services do not end when after you book your trip. I am here to offer support throughout your entire trip. If you have an emergency, want to make a change or have a question, I will be here to help. I am here to make sure that you enjoy your vacation rather than spending it on the phone because the airline lost your luggage. As I mentioned above, I will also provide you with a completely customized planning experience which means I will book your restaurant reservations and your activities. This all adds up to less stress and hassle while you’re enjoying your trip. As I mentioned above I spend a lot of time thinking about, reading about and planning travel, so I have a lot of tips and tricks up my sleeve to make sure you get the most out of your vacation. Leading up to your trip, I will provide a preparation timeline, packing lists and advice.

5)    Your trip will be completely customized to you!

I may be starting to sound repetitive at this point, but my bespoke consulting services mean your vacation is custom to you. I don’t have preplanned trips or itineraries. Each aspect of your trip is planned for YOU. I take your needs, dreams, hobbies, interests and goals into consideration. Whether you need help selecting a destination or need help picking the best hotels and experiences, I am here to make sure you get exactly what you want out of your vacation. As I mentioned, trips are big investment. I am here to make sure your money is invested wisely and correctly.

If you are interested in learning more about my services or are ready to plan your next adventure, reach out to me here.

Vahine Private Island in Taha'a, French Polynesia

Vahine Private Island in Taha'a, French Polynesia