Seven Trips Everyone Should Take in Their Lifetime

1) A Trip That Scares You:

Traveling some place new almost always pushes you out of your comfort zone, but everyone should take a trip that scares them at least once! What that trip looks like varies for everyone. But trust me once you conquer your travel fears, you’ll be ready to take on anything!


2) A Volunteer Trip:

A trip that gives back is a must. Most people don’t opt to spend their vacation time helping other people, but this kind of trip can be the most fulfilling and inspiring travel that you ever do. You’ll return to work really recharged if you spend some time helping others.


3) A Splurge Trip:

Pick a bucket list destination and save up for the trip. Blow all your credit card points and/or the money you’ve saved on a luxe five-star vacation. You won’t be able to do this every year, but everyone should live the life of luxury for at least one week! Splurge on first-class seats on your flight and don’t count your pennies once you’ve arrived at your destination.

Photo courtesy of Santa Caterina Amalfi.

Photo courtesy of Santa Caterina Amalfi.

4) A Solo Trip:

Pick a place that’s high on your bucket list and just go! It’s scary to travel alone. However once you discover the freedom of doing what you want to do when you want to do it, you’ll be sold! This is a great way to check off that bucket list item that no one else is interested in.


5) A Road Trip:

Most people have taken a road trip as a kid with their parents and often don’t have very fond memories. However, driving can be the best way to immerse yourself in your destination and get off-the-beaten path. It’s also a great way to see national parks both here in the US and abroad. Trust me, a properly planned road trip won’t be anything like the nauseating trips of your childhood!


6) An Unplugged Trip:

In the over-connected world that we live in, it’s hard to turn off your phone and actually get away from work. Everyone should take a vacation and get completely off-the-grid. Leave your devices at home! You’ll fully recharge and decompress when you're not checking your work email, Facebook and Instagram every hour.

7) An Ancestry Trip:

Everyone should head to their homeland at some point in their lives. If you don’t know exactly where you’re from, head to the country and explore the entire place. If you’ve done your research and can connect with your ancestral home or distant relations, even better! Immerse yourself in the history, food, art and culture. Connect with your roots!

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