Top Destinations of 2018

Don’t let 2018 pass by without checking off a bucket list destination. Click the link below to see my top destinations for 2018. Bonus: I’ve included my favorite honeymoon destination for travelers planning their nuptials in 2018.

Make the Most of Your Precious Vacation Time

Your vacation time is a precious and limited resource. Treat it that way. I believe in quality over quantity and focus on the quality of each experience while planning trips for my clients. However, I don’t get to go with you on vacation. The ten tips below focus on improving your experience and improving your mental state while traveling.

Why Costa Rica Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

I recently took an amazing, whirlwind trip to Costa Rica and fell in love with the country. There is so much to see, to do and to eat. I’m always up for any destination with great coffee, but I now want Costa Rica on the top of everyone’s bucket list.

Review of Maison Souquet

During my recent Paris trip, I stayed at Maison Souquet. This Small Luxury Hotels of the World shot straight to the top of my favorite hotels list. Located right around the corner from the iconic Moulin Rouge, the décor plays heavily on the properties history as a brothel. Apparently for few years around 1905, the mansion functioned as brothel. The décor was designed by Jacques Garcia and relies heavily on sumptuous red velvet.

NOT Your Mom's Travel Agent

If you had asked me a year ago what a travel agent does or why to use one, I would have responded that I have absolutely no idea. I love planning trips, and it had never occurred to me to seek help planning one. Even when I realized I had a passion for planning travel that extended beyond planning my own personal trips, I was confused about the advantages of becoming a travel agent. It has been a very steep learning curve the past couple of months, so I want to share all the remarkable benefits that I can provide as a travel designer and consultant.

How to Pick the Best Honeymoon Destination

I just got married in June and when selecting a destination for our honeymoon, I spent quite a bit of time trying to pick the BEST destination. I googled and researched and after getting lost in pages and pages of opinions and research varying from Lonely Planet to “romance experts”, I came to the opinion that the perfect destination does NOT exist.

Why You SHOULD Hike the Inca Trail

Almost exactly two years ago today, I was boarding a plane bound for Peru. It would be my first time in South America and my first time on a multi-day hiking trek. It was a trip of many firsts. I was traveling to Cuzco, Peru to acclimate to the high altitude before beginning the 4-day Inca Trail trek. Two years later this trek is still one my most memorable experiences, and I have become an Inca Trail convert. This is the ONLY way to see Machu Picchu! Machu Picchu is a little bit like an Incan amusement park. It’s breathtaking no matter how you travel there, but it is also crowded, hot and full of lines.