Why should i use a travel consultant to plan my trip when i could book it all online?

I'm no stranger to the fact that planning the perfect vacation can be a lot of work. I spend hours researching and vetting every aspect of the trips that I plan. As a busy professional, you don't have time to spend hours researching on the internet, and why would you want to spend your free time that way?

Your vacation is a personal and unique experience. By working with me rather than an online booking engine, you are working with a person who understands how valuable your vacation time is. I am fully invested in making your vacation dreams a reality, and I want the planning process to be an enjoyable, stress-free experience. I will put in the time and hard-work to make that happen!

Do you charge fees?

Every trip that I plan is entirely custom and requires hours of dedicated research. I see every trip through from beginning to end. My planning process begins with a complementary initial consultation to make sure that we are good fit and to answer any questions that you have about my services. 

My planning and research fee starts at $300.

how does your planning process work?

My process is very conversational. I start off with a brief questionnaire which allows me to learn a little bit more about you and your vacation plans. We will also schedule a complementary initial consultation to determine if we are the right match.

After this consultation, I will begin planning your vacation. I will provide you with an itinerary proposal which we can edit until it is perfect! Once your dream trip has been created, I will book the major components and fill in any additional details, such as restaurant reservations and activities.

Before you depart on your vacation, I will provide you with a travel package that includes your itinerary, packing lists and destination information. I will also be at your disposable before, during and after your trip to address whatever may arise.