Mint Travel provides clients with full-service bespoke travel planning. My services enable clients to embark on exciting adventures without the hassles of travel research or worrisome logistics.

The Mint Travel Experience includes:

  • Initial planning sessions
  • Customized destination selection and a detailed daily itinerary
  • Airline bookings
  • Hotel bookings
  • Restaurant reservations and recommendations
  • Activity reservations and recommendations
  • Exclusive access to amenities, activities and rewards
  • Car transfers for all flights, meals and activities
  • Packing list
  • Destination history and information
  • Visa and passport assistance if required
  • 24 hour travel support


Mint Travel specializes in crafting the dream escape for couples entrenched in the chaos of wedding planning. I will handle every aspect of the planning process which means your honeymoon is truly relaxing and romantic.

The Mint Honeymoon includes all the benefits of the Mint Travel Experience with the addition of romantic newlywed experiences at every hotel and destination. I can also assist in the creation of a customized honeymoon registry as part of the Mint Honeymoon package.

Mint Travel will assist in planning Bachelor/Bachelorette parties as part of the Mint Honeymoon Experience.