1. Download your bank’s mobile app. Use it to let them know when you’re traveling and where you’re going. The mobile app will make it easier to notify them of changes on the fly.
  2. Download your airline’s app. This makes it easier to check your flight status and check-in for your flights.
  3. Download the Google Map for your destination. This way you can find your way around without cell service or WIFI.
  4. Download Google Translate to help you communicate!
  5. Download WhatsApp to stay in touch with your friends and family back home.
  6. Download XE Currency to stay on top of the exchange rate and calculate how much you are actually spending!
  7. Download WIFI Map which shows you all the free WIFI hot spots near you and provides the password if necessary.
  8. Download PackPoint which helps you pack for your destination efficiently.
  9. Download Lounge Buddy for long layovers or flight delays. It helps identify which you will have access to based on your airline memberships and elite status.
  10. If you do not have an international data plan, then make sure you turn off your cellular data when you arrive at your destination!